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NetMechanic is shaking the foundations of what was once considered to be a normal run-of-the-mill web design firm.  Our Capetonian web development company has morphed into a full house online brand and design management consultancy with web solutions including Ecommerce, Mobile development, Online Marketing, SEO, Graphic design and Social Media management.  And if that is not enough, we also offer content management based solutions with the use of our own proudly South African content management system - NetToolbox.  Read More...

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Website Design and Development

Your website starts with a great design. Our aim is to convey your brand effectively with a design that visually portrays your business and that works for your target market. As first impressions are vital to encourage visitors to dig deeper and...

Graphic Design

From corporate identity design and logos to booklets, brochures and business card design. Whatever your design needs may be our design studio is itching to get creative with your business. The NetMechanic creative team will work closely...

Online marketing SEO

So you’ve built a professional looking well oiled website. What now? How do you promote your online presence and how do you get users to visit your website?

Most, if not all, of the business today have websites or planning to have one. Since we are in the technological age, everything can be browsed online and a website is a great help for both the businesses and its customers. Since having a website would able the customers to access the site every day, 24/7. It gives the customers convenience since they can go to your site at weekends, evenings and even holidays. And your possible customers are anyone online, from around the world. Nowadays it is more credible if businesses have websites since they can contacted by people. And they can provide easy ways of communicating to the customers. It also to update or change information instantly online, from price changes to location changes.

Building a website looks hard, especially if you don't really have a background. You need to think about your website’s appearance, what would be its contents, its functions and many more. You need to appeal to your customers by your website, and it must be easy for them to navigate. You must always in mind what your customer wants and how to make it easier for them. You can search for discount coupons in all areas if you are interested in shopping online.

Everyone in this century would spend most of their time online and with the advancement of technology, we could do almost everything online- chat with people across the globe, buy items online, play games, and so much more. People are always looking for websites or web-apps that they could go to when they want to do something, but the thing is, there are millions of websites out there doing the same kind of service. The only difference is that, some of those websites are able to get users while others don't attract any.

One of the most important things when launching a website is the overall design and the user interface. The users must not have a hard time navigating your website. Everything must be easy to understand for everyone- for kids, teens, adults and older people alike. If you are looking for websites with the best quality of designs or layouts, check out workingwebs.co.za!

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